Preparing my Christmas

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Well I wasn’t expecting it to be this year but the time has come. This year I will be spending Christmas at my new home in Copenhagen with Stephen and Hansel and not with my family in the UK (eek, feeling slightly guilty). At the age of 34, I will be cooking Christmas dinner for the first time! Hence prepping for my Christmas table. Usually I’m the helper but now I’m the hostess! (eek again).

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I’m not the best chef but I’ll give a good try. The fun part for me is planning my decor and the dining table. And not one for Christmas cliches. I like to keep my decor understated, humble with hints of nature, raw materials and simplicity. This may not feel too Christmassy but it is a start. I’ll be looking to add a few more pieces (maybe a wreath), candles and a good bottle of red wine. Then I’ll attempt the food……

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